Interested in Starting a Marketing Agency?

The demand for marketing agency services is high. Those thinking of entering the field and starting their own agency have many aspects to consider. The first aspect is the services to be offered. Many existing agencies offer complete packages that provide businesses with comprehensive solutions for marketing. Others specialize in certain industries, small business needs, or customized plans.

Honing Skills

The right areas of expertise and expert-level skills will be needed to rise above the competition. A degree in digital marketing is ideal but not required. Online courses, classes at community colleges and universities, free videos, online articles, and in-depth checklists are other avenues to gain and improve skills. Hands-on practice is critical because clients will expect fast results. An agency that cannot live up to expectations will not survive long.


Developing pricing plans will be one of the most difficult parts of starting an agency. Owners will need to cover overhead costs while offering prices that are slightly lower than going rates. It is a balancing act the business depends on. Charge too much for plans and clients will not be motivated to leave their current agency to determine if saving money is worth switching. Prices that are too low will send the business in debt from the beginning.

You Will Be the First Client

The agency will need to be marketed aggressively to get noticed. Let potential clients know what the new agency offers and what it can accomplish. Go beyond the website and social media. Draw traffic with paid advertisements, demonstrate the best tools for SEO by grabbing first page rankings, and enjoy high conversion rates. This approach will illustrate what works for the agency and what does not.

Switch Up Strategies

Try everything and keep analyzing the results. Do not be afraid to switch strategies because advice to clients will be to frequently update or change campaigns. Know how that feels and what effect changes have on comfort levels for business owners. Make the most mistakes on that first client and learn from them quickly. New agencies will be needed in the next few years, so start now and work up to introducing the agency to the masses.