March 28, 2018

It’s important to support the things that we find valuable and beneficial to society. Many times, community support is the only way for an organization to be successful. When someone becomes successful, the best way to give thanks is to pass along these blessings to others who could greatly benefit from the extra support.

Hospital Donation

David Johnson Cane Bay Co-Founder knows the importance of supporting the causes he believes in. In 2014 he made the first installment of a $50,000.00 personal donation to Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital in St. Croix. This meant that the hospital could move forward with much-needed room upgrades for the women’s and children’s division of the hospital.


Donating the first $25,000.00 not only allowed for rooms and facilities to be updated, it also was a way to encourage corporate citizens to do the same. The final $25,000.00 was donated in February of 2016 …